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Project Description

An Artifitial Intelligence Framework constructed to help the AI developers to accelerate their projects with an extensible and personalizable made from the scratch project.

Some time ago I was using commertial programs to construct neuronal networks, and of course I was a stundent an don't have enought money to buy full licenses, so I need to create my own framework to do my Homework!!

But now with that Framework I think that we can help a lot in the researh and other propouses as the educational programs and the massive inclusion of the AI into the software.

With a little work with this Framework you can:

- Reproduce AI Neuronal Networks Designs
- Research and create your own Neuronal Network Designs
- Train your Neuronal Networks
- Create/Reproduce your own Learning Algorithms
- Use the Neuronal Networks that you create/reproduce/trained

And that kind of things, so now it doens't have an GUI to design the NN, but I will start a project to develop an design Interface with WPF, also get a better persistence capacity for the Neuronal Networks and of course some training algorithms implementation so you can edit an run your Neuronal Network.

Any help is welcome!! Only post your interest in th forum!!


October 1, 2008: First Alpha Release
October 11, 2008: Second Alpha Release
August 21, 2009: Third Alpha Release, added WPF Neuron Viewer to the Library and to the Test Bed
January 03, 2010: Changed to MIT Licence

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